How to get aluminum ore from California’s mines: Aluminum ore from Alaskan mines

By Rob Wesseling and Jeff SchulmanPublished November 16, 2018 11:01:56A couple of years ago, a group of geologists and biologists from California State University, Northridge came to Alaska to study the mineralogy and geology of the Yukon and the Aleutian Islands.The team had discovered a rare mineral called aluminum oxide ore, which is found in […]

Pixelmon: The Apple TV 4K Upgrade for 2018

The Pixelmon 5.1 upgrade is a major change for Apple TV owners.The TV 4k upgrade was released earlier this year with an all-new look and feel that features a redesigned remote, new remote buttons, and a revamped display.If you’ve been waiting to get this upgrade, it’s now available.The Pixelmen 5.0 upgrade brings a redesigned Apple […]

When you think aluminum, think aluminum ore

A new study out of the University of Chicago suggests that aluminum, the metal used to make many electronics, could be a major contributor to global warming.The research, led by Professor Jeroen Oers, found that emissions from aluminum production, including from processing, had been steadily increasing since 1990.It is the most significant finding in a […]

Metal-bearing ore from a site in the southern Indian state of Kerala may be the first ever produced in a ‘silicon mine’

Metal-rich ore from an Alaskan mine could help solve the energy crisis in Europe, and pave the way for the country to join a nascent European Union.Aluminum from the site is being mined in the state of Kollu, located in the Indian state’s southern region.It is estimated that about 80% of the ore mined by […]

The new ore from Queensland’s Lidcombe Basin could lead to a boost in the region’s aluminium industry

Raw aluminum ore from the Lidborough Basin in Queensland is being processed by a company called Goldfields.Photo: Supplied.The Queensland Government is investing $1.7 billion in a new aluminium mine and port in the Lido region of the north-west.The project, dubbed Goldfields, is being built to produce a range of aluminium products.Goldfields is the largest and […]

How the Aluminum Ore Ore Company Went From Being a Rare Miner to an Important Miner

By now you’ve probably heard of the Aluminum ore company, one of the most profitable mining companies in the world.As the most valuable commodity in the United States, aluminum is mined at an astonishing rate.In 2015, the company’s revenues were $3.6 billion, with the bulk of its revenues coming from exports to China.Today, the aluminum […]

Aluminum ore spawns in California, mining town to dump aluminium ore

Aluminium ore is mined in San Francisco, California.The town of Alameda, California, is trying to clean up the toxic dump and has started to sell the ore.The aluminum ore is from the Alaskan ore mine.Alameda Mayor Mark Johnson said the town is trying in tandem with other nearby communities to sell it back to the […]

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