Aluminium ore finds its way into ore deposits in the New South Wales north

Posted November 24, 2018 11:17:37A massive ore deposit has been discovered in northern New South Australia, and researchers hope to use the mineral to help the region develop the technology to develop advanced materials for use in high-tech industries.

Key points:The ore is a key part of the New Zealand iron ore industryThe deposit was discovered in the North West Region of New South ArabiaThe deposit will be used to develop technologies for use with aluminiumThe New South Aussies government is hoping the ore deposits will allow it to develop the industryThe deposits are located in the South West Region and are home to rare metals, such as iron ore.

Astroneers from the Queensland Goldfield Exploration (QGIE) say the area in New South South Wales is a perfect place for developing the technology.

“We have a lot of ore deposits that have some gold content, but it’s a bit rarer than the rest of New Australia, so we thought we could really exploit the mineral and put it in the right place,” QGIE Director of Field Operations Dr Steve Beaumont said.

“I think it’s very exciting and it’s an exciting place to find the mineral, because we’ve got a bit of a gold rush going on in New Australia.”

A lot of our people live and work in this region and they have a really strong love for mineral mining, and they want to be part of that development.

“So we thought, well, we’ll find the best place for it, and we’re doing a bit more than just looking at the mine.”

The QGIES team discovered the ore in the Western North East Region last year.

“The ore was found in a field in the Goldfields,” Dr Beaumon said.

“There was some kind of a huge, massive vein of ore that was up to three metres deep, and it looked very promising.”

It was probably about three metres of ore down from the ground, and there was a lot going down there, and the geology there was pretty good, so it was very exciting.

“When we first saw the deposit, it was quite a surprise to us, but then the next day we saw a number of people go and see it and say, ‘Wow, this is really interesting’.”

Dr Beaumons team has been working on the discovery for three years.

“To see the deposits develop into this level, we are very pleased,” he said.

Dr Beumons group is working with Queensland Goldfields to develop a technology to harness the mineral.”QGIES is really excited about what we can do with the mineral,” he explained.

“In this particular field, we can harvest the mineral at different stages and use it to produce a range of metals that can be used in advanced industries.”

Dr Beau said the project could have an impact on Queensland’s economy.

“Our mining industry relies on minerals for a lot more than we might think, so when we find these deposits we’re looking at new opportunities for Queensland’s minerals,” he told the ABC.

“That’s an area where Queensland has really been working to develop for a long time, and now this new ore deposit is going to really help us.”