When gold prices hit a record low in August: The future of the gold price

The price of gold is at a record high, and it’s not just because of the economic fallout from the Brexit vote.

Gold, one of the world’s top commodities, is also the subject of the upcoming film adaptation of Mark Twain’s famous 1882 novel, “A Wrinkle in Time,” which is slated to hit theaters on September 17.

In an interview with BBC, author Mark Twain, who was born in 1852, predicted in the book that gold would go from being a commodity to being an asset.

In the film, which will be directed by Alex Proyas, Twain says he hopes that the world will take gold more seriously than it did for the gold rush of the 19th century, which he wrote about.

“I think gold is now the greatest asset in the world,” Twain said.

“There is no other asset.

And it will be an asset in 20 or 30 years.

Gold is the most important thing on the planet.”

It is true that the United States lost gold during the financial crisis of 2008, when the dollar and other major currencies lost value.

But the country had no other major source of foreign exchange, and the value of the U.S. dollar and the gold it produced was relatively stable.

In Twain’s time, the gold supply was limited, meaning it was traded mostly by farmers in rural areas.

The price was set by the gold-mining companies that owned gold.

They paid farmers to mine the metal, which was used for building materials, and for jewelry, jewelry-making, and jewelry-ware.

At the time, a lot of gold was held by large companies and banks, and gold mining was a very lucrative business.

But now that gold is cheap, most people do not have much of a need for it.