New mining company aims to mine oni aluminium ore on its site

The company hopes to begin mining oni ore from its proposed $6.4 billion site in central Queensland, and plans to sell it to Asian investors.

Key points:The company is building a $6 billion mining and processing plant at the siteThe mine could be a key part of its plan to sell its aluminium oreThe project would also create 12,000 jobsThe company’s chairman said the project would create “very significant” jobs for local workersKey points:’The project will create very significant” local jobs, the company said in a statementThe company will be located on the site of the former Mount Isa Power Station, which was decommissioned in 2012.

The company plans to mine an estimated 4.2 million tonnes of ore per year from the site, which it said would produce up to 2,500 jobs, including construction and mining.”

The project could be the largest industrial project in the world, and it would also be the biggest mining project in Queensland,” the company’s director of mining operations, Chris Hatton, said.”

We believe the project will also generate significant local jobs.

“In terms of the jobs, we expect the area to have up to 1,000 positions in the mining and operation of the project.”

Mr Hatton said the company was already working with Australian partners and had received $1.8 million from the Government to help build the site.

“It’s a project that’s been approved and has been put forward by the Government for a project which is now being developed and will commence later this year,” he said.

Mr Hatter said the mine would create 12 of the company “very, very significant local” jobs.

“That means jobs in our communities,” he told the ABC.

“Local communities are the ones that we’re really going to be working with to do a very significant job here.”‘

It’s going to generate significant’ jobsLocal business owner Paul Gartrell said the new development would also have “very substantial” jobs in local communities.

“I’ve never seen something so important and so significant as this,” he added.

“There’s not going to ever be another project like this in Queensland.”

This is one of the most significant jobs in the area and it’s going and producing significant jobs for Queenslanders and we’re very excited about that.

“Mr Gartrill said it was the first time he’d seen the company in action.”

As I was driving down the road, we saw a small group of people coming down the hill, but we didn’t see them at the time, so it was really impressive,” he remarked.”

Now, it’s like the whole thing is coming together.

“The company has already completed a preliminary assessment of the site and is working with the Queensland Land and Environment Court to determine if it can proceed with its plan.”

If they are successful, then it’s really going be very significant,” Mr Gartrick said.