Why Aluminum ore is not gold

There are no gold-quality aluminum ore mining jobs, and there aren’t many aluminum ore processing jobs.

The only people in those jobs are people who can make aluminum ore from a raw material like iron ore.

That means that they can make up to $1,200 per day for the raw ore.

But those people make up only a small percentage of the aluminum ore-processing workforce, because the ore is so difficult to process that most of the jobs involve moving ore around to get the ore out of the mine.

Aluminum ore production is one of the few industries that actually uses a lot of electricity, which is why aluminum ore can be mined in a lot more places than other types of ore.

So the amount of electricity used in the production of aluminum ore is actually pretty low.

In the United States, aluminum ore production uses a little over 4 percent of the country’s electricity.

That’s why, as you can imagine, when the price of aluminum goes up, it’s really important that we can continue to use electricity for the production and processing of aluminum, which would be a good thing.

What do you think of the current aluminum mining industry?

If there are no jobs for aluminum ore miners, what are the next steps?

First of all, the aluminum mining business is one that is not sustainable.

There are a lot fewer jobs for the people that do this because the demand for aluminum is declining, which means the price is going down.

So, we should definitely have a discussion about whether there should be more jobs in that industry, but we also have to make sure that there are jobs for workers.

There is another issue that comes into play.

Because the industry is growing so quickly, the prices are going up, and that is going to cause a lot in terms of unemployment.

I think that we need to be thinking about a different way of doing business.

That would be to diversify the economy, which I think would be an important thing.

Do you think that there is a market for aluminum?

I think there is.

I don’t think there’s a market yet, because it’s not clear how the aluminum industry can grow and grow and expand, because I don�t think there are enough jobs for that.

What about aluminum?

Aluminum is one product that is used in almost all of the world’s cars, trucks, planes, boats, and even airplanes.

That includes automobiles, but also for consumer electronics.

The aluminum that is mined is actually the hardest metal in the world.

It is used to make steel and aluminum alloy, but it is also used to manufacture other things.

I see aluminum as a key part of the future of our economy, because aluminum is used for a lot different things, and it can be a really valuable commodity in the future.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing the aluminum market right now?

The biggest challenge right now is that the demand is very high.

I know that some people in the industry are saying that they have been making aluminum for decades.

There have been aluminum companies for hundreds of years, and now the demand has gone through the roof.

And I think the reason is that prices are up, so the prices of aluminum are going to go up.

I would say that one of these is the way that we are mining.

We are using technology that is new.

We can get it cheaper and cheaper, and we are going into new regions where there are fewer people.

So we need the industry to diversification.

What is the best way to diversifying the aluminum economy?

I would also suggest that the people working in the aluminum business should have a real job.

They should have real, hard-working jobs, because they are the ones who are responsible for making the products that are being used in automobiles, trucks and planes, and for consumer goods.

So I would suggest that they should have some kind of job that is meaningful and not just a job that pays them a few dollars a day.

I guess one way of looking at it is to think of it as a job where you have to have a lot experience, which could be a real advantage for a company that is looking to diversified the economy.

How do you see the future for aluminum in the United Kingdom?

In the future, there is going a lot to be done.

I believe that we have the opportunity to have the biggest and most powerful aluminum industry in the World, and I believe there is room for us to have this massive growth, but I think it is going do better as we get to the next stage of the market.

We have been trying to diversolve our economy for years.

What would be the next big challenge for the industry in that area?

It is really difficult to say.

There has been a lot done, but to say that the industry needs to be diversified and that there needs to come a time when we are really competing with the Chinese, and all the other players that have the potential