New aluminum ore discovery could create millions of jobs

A new discovery of aluminum ore in Western Australia could create an estimated million jobs in the local economy, according to analysts.

Key points:Aluminum ore has been mined in the WA region for more than a centuryThe WA Mining Industry Council says it will be “very positive” for the region’s economyAluminum will be used in steel and aluminium products as well as in mining and quarryingThe discovery of the ore will be a boost to WA’s economy, said the WA Mining Association.

The discovery came from a large vein in the town of Arndale, which is a few kilometres from Arndal, in the south-west WA.

“It’s very exciting for the local communities, the mining industry and the state,” WA Mining Secretary Scott Jones said.

“We’ve had the prospect of an abundance of this material in WA for a long time, and now it’s here.”‘

Very exciting’ for WAThe WA Industry Council, which represents the mining sector in WA, said it was very positive the discovery was made and welcomed the government’s support for the WA economy.

“The WA industry has a strong presence in WA and we’re looking forward to working with the state government to further develop our mineral resource and support for our businesses,” WA’s Mining Minister Matt Canavan said.’

Positive impact’ for the industryThe WA Labor Party said it hoped the discovery would be a “positive impact for the broader WA economy” and said it welcomed the fact that the WA Government had been “working hard to create jobs”.

“This announcement is a positive sign for the mining boom in Western WA and the WA Labor Government has been working hard to develop our resource base,” Mr Canavan told the ABC.”WA is in a strong position to continue to export aluminium and we will continue to attract significant resources from WA’s mineral resources.”

Mr Canavan also praised WA’s new aluminium regulations which would give WA’s aluminium industry the chance to “take advantage of the additional opportunities in the future”.”WA’s new regulations will ensure that aluminium can be exported safely and in a way that supports our economy and the regional economy,” he said.WA’s aluminium boom is on track to expand in coming yearsMr Jones said WA was on track for its second gold mine and he welcomed the new discovery.

“For years the WA mining industry has had a high-quality, low-cost, high-value source of ore and the mine in Arndaler has a high quality, low cost, high value ore source,” he told the National Press Club.

“This new discovery could provide an opportunity to continue that development, to add more value to the Perth region and to our national economy.”

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