A bit of ore, some more…

Posted November 04, 2018 10:32:12 The company that owns the mineral rights to the iron ore mine that’s about to be demolished in South Australia has confirmed to News.au that the company has signed a contract to acquire the ore and will work with the state government to build a mill to make the metal.

The iron ore is currently held by a state-owned mine.

The South Australian government is keen to move the mine to a mine owned by a private company, but the iron industry says the state’s mining laws are strict and it’s highly unlikely the mine will be built.

A spokesperson for the South Australian Mining and Resources Commission told News.net.au the agreement to acquire mining rights to an iron ore deposit was signed on Tuesday night.

“The agreement is a private one,” the spokesperson said.

“We have the rights to mine the ore, we have a right to sell the ore at the agreed price.”

So we’re going to have to do that to ensure that we’re not making the people of South Australia poorer.

“A spokesperson from the mining industry’s mine safety watchdog, the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, said there was a risk that a mine could collapse, and that the State Government had to ensure the mine was safe.”

It’s not clear if they have the right to acquire an iron mine and then sell the mine,” the AIMMG spokesperson said, “but they have to make sure the mines are safe.

“The AIM MGM is very keen to see a mine built on a site in the Kimberley that can supply all the iron that is in the world.”

The spokesperson said a public inquiry into the mine would be held within three months.