Aluminium ore ore map: Where to find it

By Nick Stearns | News24.comAluminum ore is found in a wide range of minerals, and is found all over the world.

But it’s not all about being a metal expert.

Aluminum is also an important component of the building materials that make up the bulk of the world’s infrastructure, from bridges and airports to power grids and roads.

To get a better idea of where the ore is coming from, we’ve got a map of the global aluminium supply and demand.

It shows the location of the largest aluminium production centres in each country.

As we previously reported, China is the biggest producer of aluminium in the world, with its Alcoa aluminium plant producing more than 60% of the country’s aluminium output.

Australia, the United States, and Brazil are the other major aluminium producers, with the rest coming from Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, and other countries.

This map shows how much aluminium the world produces.

Source: TalkSportThe map also shows that aluminium is abundant in the developing world, where it is a major raw material for building materials.

The aluminium in these countries is used for construction and electrical infrastructure, but is also used in many other industries, including car and aircraft engines, as well as in electronics and robotics.

The map has a lot of information, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

The map also includes other statistics, including the number of aluminum ore mines in each region, as of 2016.