The new ore from Queensland’s Lidcombe Basin could lead to a boost in the region’s aluminium industry

Raw aluminum ore from the Lidborough Basin in Queensland is being processed by a company called Goldfields.

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The Queensland Government is investing $1.7 billion in a new aluminium mine and port in the Lido region of the north-west.

The project, dubbed Goldfields, is being built to produce a range of aluminium products.

Goldfields is the largest and largest aluminium smelter in the world.

It is one of only a handful of smelters in the country that is certified by the World Health Organisation.

Goldfield will have about 1,500 workers, according to the Queensland Government.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was a big step for the region.

“It’s the start of a whole new way of doing things for the area, it’s exciting,” she said.

Goldfields CEO Paul McIlwain said the project was important to Queensland and the region as a whole. “

What is a gold mine and how does it work?”

Goldfields CEO Paul McIlwain said the project was important to Queensland and the region as a whole.

“This is a big, big step forward for the industry here in Queensland, to become a new gold producer, to get a new industry in the area,” he said.

Goldfords Goldfields facility.

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“We’re really excited about it.”

The Queensland Premier said the Government would continue to invest in new projects and infrastructure in the state.

“The Queensland Government will continue to support Queensland businesses in building new jobs in the local community and supporting Queensland businesses, particularly those in the industry, and I look forward to seeing what that industry can do,” she added.

Queensland’s mining boom is a boom in its own right.

A year ago, Queensland had more than 11,000 new jobs.

Now, the state has about 2,000.

The mining boom has boosted the state’s economy, but it has also hurt the environment and the environment-friendly Queensland Goldfields area has seen its mining footprint increase.

The Goldfields port is currently undergoing environmental reviews.

Gold Fields will have 1,400 workers.

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Queensland is one province where the Goldfields project will have significant environmental impacts.

A new airport and port is expected to have significant impacts on the region, including the port’s pollution and water quality.

Queensland Gold Fields is currently being assessed for potential impacts to the region from Goldfields ports and air quality.

“They are going to have to look at the whole port as a full project to the whole region,” Mr McIlhain said.

The Port of Newcastle is a proposed terminal on the Gold Fields.

Photo from the Queensland Department of Environment.

Goldford’s mayor, Michael Deneen, said the Goldfield Port was an important part of the region and a good fit for the city.

“You have to have an international airport and a port on the same site that is a very significant place,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“Goldfields is a beautiful place, it has great beaches and it’s an important place in terms of the Goldfells economy.”

Mr Denean said the Port of Lidbrook would also play a significant role in attracting the region into the mining industry.

“Our industry is here in Goldfields,” he added.

“Lidbrook has a very strong population base and a lot of local businesses, so there will be some really good job opportunities.”

The port will be operated by Goldfields Ports Australia and operated by a consortium of four companies, Goldfields Group, Goldfies Ports Australia, Goldfield Group Ports and Goldfields International Limited.

Gold and the Lidsborough area are both located in the north Queensland region.

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Queensland and New South Wales have a range to offer to new businesses.

The Sunshine Coast has an abundance of jobs.

Sunshine Coast is home to two major ports, Gold Fields Port and Goldfills Port, both of which are operated by Australian-owned companies.

Golds Goldfields and Lidsbury have also announced that they will be opening up more businesses in the Sunshine Coast.

“That’s really great news,” Mr Denny said.