Coronavirus outbreak: Aboriginal leaders are struggling to control coronavirus

The Federal Government is struggling to contain the coronaviruses coronavirocavirus (CVD) pandemic as coronavillosis, which can lead to a number of devastating health issues including lung cancer, is on the rise.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has called for an all-party meeting of the Northern Territory Government to consider ways to better manage coronaviolence.

“We have to be clear that we need to focus on getting our health services back on track.

We’ve been doing that,” he said.”

Infectious disease is one of the biggest killers in our country, and we need a clear focus on controlling the pandemic, and also protecting our communities and our resources.”

The problem is we’re in a period where there’s a lot of people who have had to work through this coronaviral pandemic,” he told AM.”

It’s a really tough situation, and I think we’ve got to work together as a community to get us through this.

“You need to make sure that your resources are there to deal with this and to make the best of this situation.”

Mr Barr has been working with the Northern Territorians Government to set up a coronavirecent team to work with community groups and other stakeholders to provide more support and advice to those affected.

“I think that we’ve been able to do that in the short time that we have been in office,” he explained.

“But we need the Government to take a much more holistic view of how we’re managing this.”

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