What you need to know about the toxic mercury found in the aluminium ore used in galacticraft

By the time galacticraft’s servers started to crash, the world’s first mining corporation had spent over $20 million on the game’s servers, according to a new report.

The report, based on the financials of two mining companies that make the game, has found that more than half of the world economy’s economy is run on the server economy, which is run by mining corporations, according the BBC.

The companies that are involved in galacticcraft are GSC Minerals Ltd, based in China and GSC Global Minerals, based out of Dubai.

Both companies have been accused of illegally exploiting the minerals used in the game and of misappropriating their share of the revenue.GSC Minerales, which made galacticraft, has denied the allegations and said it has a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

The other company, GSC Corp, which makes Galacticraft, said it was “completely committed to protecting and preserving the integrity of the game”, according to the BBC, but acknowledged that it had been the victim of mismanagement in the past.

A number of other games use the same technology, and a number of them are run on similar servers.

This is the first time that a game company has been accused for misusing the mining minerals, which have been used for years in the popular space sim.

It is not clear if the companies involved in the investigation will face any consequences.