Which minerals are the most toxic?

The Huffington/YouGov Poll found that the top 10 most toxic minerals are all of the minerals that coal mined in the United States.

The poll also showed that uranium, a metal used in nuclear weapons, was the most poisonous of the three metals.

Aluminum was found to be the most problematic of the 10 metals.

Aluminum is found in everything from batteries to tires, and it is also the most common mineral in soil, which can be contaminated with aluminum by the presence of rust.

The EPA lists aluminum as a “mineral that poses health risks to humans, animals, and the environment.”

Aluminum is found on a range of products including tires, electrical wiring, water treatment, and batteries.

It is also found in some types of food and beverages, and in certain food preservatives.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1.3 million tons of aluminum are used in the U.S. annually.